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Types of Health Insurance Products in India

Health insurance is one of the budding arena. It has brought a solution to one of the major problems faced by people in India. The cost of medical care, which is believed to cause financial pressures upon family, can now be easily provided with the help of health or medical insurance products. Thus, these products […]

Health Insurance Product Definition

Insurance products are common financial arrangements in which insurance providers States guarantee to pay on a claim that is covered. In return, the buyer agrees to pay the monthly fee. Health insurance is a type of insurance coverage that pays for medical and surgical expenses incurred by the insured. Health insurance can restore the insured […]

Benefits of Health Insurance

You need health insurance. Body and mind are protected all the time, and help you avoid financial disaster in terms of expensive health emergency. Insurance benefit is a payment of insurance providers guarantee to make the services covered under the insurance policy. They are functional products you receive with your insurance premiums. Types of general […]

5 Reasons Why Health Insurance Need

Many factors that affect our health, including health insurance. You might wonder why individual health insurance is so important. Especially if you’re young and healthy. There are smart ways to save money, but skipping out on health insurance is not one of them. Studies show that the uninsured individuals do not receive the same quality. […]

Type of National Health Insurance Program

National health insurance programs differ in how the money has been collected, and how the services provided. In a country like Canada, payment is made by the Government directly from tax revenue. This collection is managed by the Government. In France a similar system of mandatory contributions made. But this collection is managed by non-profit […]